October 20, 2022 | Full Length Video : 24min 51sec

Jaylen Rebel is a rising star in the adult entertainment industry and finally gets a chance to sit down with the legendary Hakunabad. Jaylen’s attention is quickly aroused when Hakunabad begins describing some of the erotic situations he’s recently found himself in on his fan site. As the conversation gets hotter, Jaylen and Hakunabad can’t help but smile and eye one another flirtatiously.

Hakunabad can plainly see that Jaylen is getting more turned on by the moment, as his buddy’s cock is swelling in his tight pants! Hakunabad was going to suggest that they possibly hook up on the weekend, but since Jaylen seems eager and raring to go, the beefy, tattooed hunk makes the first move and frees Jaylen’s hard cock.

Jaylen leans back ...[Read more]

Jaylen leans back on the couch and smiles as Hakunabad expertly uses his juicy lips to get his top really excited and ultra horny! Jaylen loves sucking cock himself and wants to show the studly hottie what he can do!

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