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November 17, 2022 | Full Length Video : 19min 1sec

It’s amazing what you can stumble upon when you’re out walking in the countryside, minding your own business. One lucky guy can’t believe it when he discovers a pair of hot dudes making out on a blanket under a tree. A shaven-headed daddy has his fingers lodged real deep inside a young twink’s ass and the twink is responding by sucking the older man’s giant dick as hard as he can. It immediately becomes apparent that Daddy is not here to mess around. Within seconds his fist is wrist-deep inside the slutty boy’s well-trained hole. They’re plainly in the middle of a sleazy, lustful, poppers-fueled session. And neither of them care that they’re now being filmed by the kinky passer-by.

The older ...

The older dude is soon fisting the groaning boy with speed and intensity. The twink’s ass is lubed up thoroughly and the DILF’s huge hands are sliding in and out without resistance. Another snort of poppers and the boy’s hole is a slack, sloppy mess, destined to be stretched into a gaping, open hole by the metallic weapon of near torture which the daddy is pushing into him.

Humiliating liquids are then poured into the boy’s ass, starting with a large quantity of strawberry milkshake, which squirts out onto the picnic blanket when the metal anal stretcher is removed.

The well-used twink then sucks daddy’s big dick as jets of milkshake fly uncontrollably from his hole. But the older dude wants to know if milkshake makes a good lubricant, so he thrusts his cock deep into the boy’s ass and bangs him both vigorously and relentlessly. The boy enters a trance, panting and groaning as he’s mercilessly speared, skewered and anally assaulted by his aggressive master.

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