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Special Sales Carnal+
June 23, 2022 | Full Length Video : 15min 57sec

A dark, dingy basement club in Paris. Thumping techno. Sweat trickling down the black-painted walls. Two guys, dressed in leather harnesses, underwear and boots, stand facing each other, expectantly. The taller of the two is the legendary man-mountain, Jeff Stronger. The other is Enzo Di Karina, a shaven-headed hunk who likes what he’s seeing and wants a piece of it as soon as possible.

Stronger ambles ...

Stronger ambles towards Karina and the two men are soon making out. Their kisses are wet and needy. Both men exude an almost dangerous masculinity.

Stronger sucks Karina’s big dick, thrilling the shorter guy with his highly-tuned head-giving skills. Things get decidedly steamy as the two men assume a reverse 69 position. Karina soon has his sleazy tongue lodged deep inside Stronger’s ass.

Stronger stands and pulls his pendulous dick out of his leather jock. This piece of prime meat has long since proven itself as a weapon of absolute destruction, but, when Stronger squats on the bench and presents his huge, beefy ass to Karina, it becomes clear that this normally dominant dude wants to be the bottom.

Karina wastes no time in actioning this rare privilege, and is soon nut deep in Stronger, gritting his teeth and rutting his prey like a horny march hare. His balls slap noisily against Stronger’s gigantic ass cheeks. He gasps and grunts in a state of unadulterated sexual excitement!

Karina throws Stronger onto his back on a bench and continues with his mission to wreck the taller man’s tight hole. He pulls out of Stronger’s ass and immediately thrusts his dick into his mouth, sliding it deep into the Euro-legend’s accommodating throat. It’s all too much for Karina who suddenly squirts his big load all over Stronger’s chest and belly.

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