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Jeff Stronger and Mickael David

March 03, 2022 | Full Length Video : 19min 5sec

Tall, chunky, Euro-hunk, Jeff Stronger dances in a bar, wearing nothing but a harness, boots and a jockstrap. He’s being watched with interest by Mickael, who’s similarly dressed. Mickael gently fondles his dick as the beefy super-stud bobs and gyrates in time to the music.

Mickael approaches Jeff and the two men start to make out. This is slow, sensual stuff. They caress, nuzzle, lick, kiss and dance erotically, lost in the moment, huge dicks stiffening and bulging in their underwear. Time stands still…

Jeff carefully ...More

Jeff carefully releases Mickael’s stiff dick from the prison of his underpants before dropping to his knees and sucking it seductively. Mickael throws his head back, registering his excitement and complete pleasure, before grabbing the back of Jeff’s head and sinking his dick deeper into the porn legend’s throat.

Jeff stands and leans over a table, presenting his meaty ass. Mickael squats between his muscular thighs and uses his pierced tongue to tantalize and tease the tall man’s ass.

Mickael stands and plunges his long, throbbing dick into Jeff’s hole. Within seconds, he’s banging Jeff at full tilt, repeatedly slamming every inch of his meat deep into the beef cake’s hungry hole.

A change of position finds Jeff sitting on Mickael’s lap, thick, powerful legs spread real wide, biting his lip and smiling in total satisfaction as the smaller guy literally hammers him from below.

Jeff reclines on the couch and jerks his crazy big dick wildly while Mickael aggressively fucks his face. They climax next to each other on the couch, kissing passionately as shafts of semen simultaneously shoot from their shafts.

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