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June 02, 2022 | Full Length Video : 16min 46sec

Euro porn god, Jeff Stronger, is back to his old tricks. Man mountain, Jeff, dressed in a leather harness and jock strap, has made his way into a dark, dirty cellar beneath a sex club somewhere in Paris.

As his ...

As his eyes become accustomed to the darkness, he realizes he’s not alone. Crouched provocatively on the floor is heavily-tattooed hunk, Romeo Curtois, who’s wearing nothing but a baseball cap and a tight jockstrap.

Jeff wastes no time asserting his dominance and interest, rubbing his leather boots all over the well-sculpted cheeks of Romeo’s bubble butt. Within seconds, he’s using his alpha saliva to lube up his new slave’s ass, while Romeo eagerly wraps his mouth around Jeff’s pleasingly engorged dick. Romeo clearly gives great head. Jeff’s huge, veiny dick rapidly turns as hard as concrete.

Jeff squats behind Romeo and drives his thick meat deep into his hole. The bottom boy groans, unable to comprehend quite how far inside him Jeff’s dick has already journeyed.

Jeff engages the powerful muscles in his meaty thighs to screw his prey with brutal force. The experience entirely blows Romeo’s mind. His body begins to tremble and he loses the ability to talk coherently. The more Romeo gasps, the harder and more gleefully Jeff pounds.

Jeff pulls out and throws Romeo to the ground, lying next to him and jerking his dick hard and fast. Romeo is first to explode, spraying thick pearls of semen over his clippered stomach. Jeff follows suit in a suitably impressive manner before both men head upstairs to the club showers for a round of water sports of more than one variety!

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