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December 15, 2022 | Full Length Video : 18min 12sec

In a secret, abandoned, underground bunker just outside of Burgundy, France we find retired drill sergeant Jess Royan about to rendezvous with submissive fuck buddy Eddy Cruch. These hot and horny beefcake studs are more than ready for their weekly raunch fest!

Eddy is ...

Eddy is already naked, save for a skimpy jockstrap, and down on all fours when Jess arrives at the bunker. Eddy knows that Jess mostly likes to get right down to business, but today, the ex-drill sergeant is in the mood for some kinky, dirty fun!

Jess has brought a special treat this time and it’s not just his usual bag of kinky sex toys. Eddy can only smile and lick his lips in anticipation as Jess pulls out a large carton of Burgundy’s finest, sweetest cream! Jess wastes no time in pouring a generous amount of the deliciousness all along Eddy’s butt crack and hole. And Jess laps up the cream with delight!

Jess then proceeds to pour the sweet cream all over his cock and commands his former military subordinate to lick and suck the cream clean off– and reminds him not to forget the ballsack.

Eddy naturally obeys his orders at once and happily devours his superior officer’s huge, hard cock by expertly deepthroating it! Jess exclaims with erotic glee as Eddy gets real wet and sloppy with his tongue. Jess hisses and sighs with supreme ecstasy and soon is sucking, kissing and licking Eddy’s cute, sexy face clean.

Suddenly, Jess has a really hot, sexy, filthy-as-hell idea! He wants to pour the last of the creme inside Eddy’s bubble butt and then squeezes his giant cock deep inside as far as it can go. Both sexy dudes revel in the sensations as Jess has his tight hole filled to the brim… first with cream and then with his commander’s huge cock!

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