December 01, 2022 | Full Length Video : 17min 59sec

J Bineau finds Euro stud Jess Royan lounging on a mattress in a low lit room at the end of a back alley. Jess is lying on a mattress in just sneakers and a tight t-shirt, playing with his dick and smiling expectantly. When cherub-faced J falls to his knees and starts sucking him off, who can blame him for grinning?

J's blowjob is long, thorough, and borders on total cock worship. The way he slurps at the stud’s big meat stirs Jess' dominant streak to life, who turns the blowjob into an intense face-fucking session. He thrusts wildly into J's face, slapping him around both with his hands and his dick. These two hump and grind in a tornado of positions, with J ending up bouncing up and down on Jess's dick.

Jess abuses J's ...[Read more]

Jess abuses J's ass and face with his palm and uncut cock, but the horny little bottom clearly loves getting roughed up! He's panting and begging for more—and that's exactly what we expect from the sleazy little bottoms of JalifStudio! Spit, cum, spanking, and more await you in the shocking, hot climax of this back alley fuck fest!

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