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November 02, 2023 | Full Length Video : 20min 50sec

John Despe sits in the corner of a near-empty sex club. Throbbing techno music echoes through the underground arches of the space. He’s feeling super horny and running his hand expectantly over the growing bulge in his tight jeans. A cute guy like him will never be left waiting long and, right on cue, a tall, dark man enters the club.

Byron Cohen exudes sex appeal. He’s the sort of guy that always gets what he wants. He walks purposefully towards John and starts to kiss him passionately. Byron falls to his knees and pulls John’s throbbing dick out of his underwear, sucking the young man’s member with incredible finesse. John’s eyes roll back in his head. A rush of pure ecstasy surges through his body.

The two men ...[Read more]

The two men switch places and John dutifully gets to work on Byron’s 9-inch pole. They take a step back, assessing which roles they’re going to play. The decision is made non-verbally and Byron obediently moves to the bench, squatting on it expectantly. John kneels behind him and uses spit and his thumb to prep Byron’s twitching ass for what’s destined to be a long, hard ride.

John’s thrusts are brutal and deep, regardless of the position they assume. Byron closes his eyes and screws up his face in an attempt to regulate his breathing. John is relentless, however: he wants Byron to remember this sleazy, chance encounter for years to come.

John pulls out and Byron sucks his dick again, choking repeatedly as it slams against his tonsils. Byron is first to shoot, spraying his immense load all over John’s impressive six pack. John immediately follows suit with a near-bewildering display of watery goodness.

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