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Special Sales Carnal+
February 01, 2024 | Full Length Video : 17min 24sec

Handsome hunk Tony Axel has a body to die for and a dick which would make anyone’s eyes water. He’s in a sauna, the music’s pumping, he’s feeling horny and he’s been joined on the couch by super sexy twunk John Despe. The two hot dudes are soon all over each other, flinging their towels off, sweating profusely, snogging aggressively, twisting nipples, jerking, slurping and deep-throating like their lives depend on it.

John leans ...

John leans over the back of the couch, presenting his pert, muscular ass to Tony for an oral inspection. Tony soon has his hungry tongue lodged deep inside John’s twitching hole, which opens up for him like a flower at dawn.

Tony stands behind John and casually thrusts his 9-inch dick into John’s ass, immediately penetrating him with brutal speed and ruthless energy. Tony has stamina by the bucket load and would bang his new friend all night if he had his way. He pushes John onto his back and the onslaught continues with John gasping, moaning and jerking frenziedly as his ass is torn to pieces by the torpedo top.

Tony pulls out and the two men wank themselves deliriously. Tony is first to shoot, spraying his thick load all over John’s sweat-laden, washboard stomach. John isn’t far behind him. Tony crudely thrusts his fingers into the submissive man’s hole as John explodes into the sticky mess left by his partner.

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