January 05, 2023 | Full Length Video : 16min 43sec

In the underground sex clubs of Paris, Tristan Dog hungers for cock. Jonathan Darko’s letting out a piss in the club’s bathroom when Tristan, masked and eager to please, approaches him from behind.

Tristan, like the dog he is, is on all fours, tasting his top's sneakers. Jonathan slaps him around. The dog’s on his hands and knees on the piss-covered floor—judging by the bounce of his throbbing cock, that’s exactly where he likes being.

Tristan fishes the ...[Read more]

Tristan fishes the top's cock out. Jonathan spits on him and slaps him hard. It's what the dog deserves for being a dirty cum slut—and it’s also what he wants. He can't resist Jonathan's sneakers, and goes back for another taste. The masked slave plays with his own hardening cock, moaning with his face down at Jonathan’s feet.

Jonathan takes off his smelly sneaker so that his dog can sniff the inside of it. He pushes down on Tristan’s neck with his socked foot to make sure that Tristan’s engulfed in the smell of all the sweat from the day inside the shoe.

Satisfied with the dog’s submissiveness, Jonathan wastes no time shoving his cock into this bottom's hole. He pushes Tristan up against the dirty bathroom wall and wrecks him with powerful thrusts. The perverted, masked slave holds Jonathan's shoe directly up to his own face, moaning into it while drooling uncontrollably. Tristan's in ecstasy—against the grime of the sex club wall. He’s where he belongs.

Jonathan’s ready to burst. He pumps the entirety of his hard cock in and out of his bottom's hole, turning him around just to bust his load all over the dog’s masked face. The dog, overwhelmed from his night of beautiful abuse, shoots his own hot load on his stomach as he gets one last moment with Jonathan's sneaker. He’ll have to savor it… until the next guy comes in, at least.

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