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Jonathan Darko & Kameron Frost

June 30, 2022 | Full Length Video : 17min 33sec

It’s a question as old as time: whose dick is bigger? Jonathan Darko is hanging out in a dark, dingy, European apartment waiting for his hookup to arrive. He’s horny as hell and ready for some hot man-on-man action.

Kameron Frost arrives, tall with curly blond hair, and just as amped to start fucking as Jonathan is. They start making out, passionate kissing that start everyone’s juices flowing. Kameron slides his hands into Jonathan’s pants and discovers a little secret: assless underwear!

Pants come ...More

Pants come off and Jonathan slurps Kameron’s hard cock into his mouth. The long, veiny hard-on jumps on its own with excitement as this talented cocksucker opens his throat for business.

Kameron’s blond pubes tickle Jonathan’s face with every deep dive he takes! Jonathan is stroking himself all the while, heightening the pleasure he’s getting from this intense blow job. They change positions so Jonathan can really get in there and suck. Kameron moans out loud because this guy knows how to give head!

With both boys hard as a rock, they decide to check and see who has the bigger dick. A smartphone makes the perfect tool for comparing. Which one is the cock-of-the-walk? No spoilers here!

Kameron can’t take much more of this. He bends Jonathan over the end of the couch and slowly slips his throbbing, dripping dick into his fuckbuddy’s hungry hole! Now it’s Jonathan’s turn to moan as he opens up to take this hard battering ram deep into his ass.

Over and over Kameron pumps and pumps. He’s got a great rhythm going and the two are each flooded with sexy sensations!

When they can’t take anymore, they stroke side-by-side, showing off their two beautiful dicks until they shoot huge globs of cum up onto their t-shirts. What a great pairing!

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