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Special Sales Carnal+
Special Sales Carnal+
January 19, 2023 | Full Length Video : 22min 38sec

Top executive Jordan Fox ran a high-profile male modeling agency in the heart of Paris. Recently, he had received more than two dozen new applications from young, aspiring models all over Europe. The latest applicant, Eddy Crunch, was set to arrive for an interview.

As Jordan ...

As Jordan waited, he pulled up some professional photographs of Eddy; he posed with his shirt off and looked toned, tattooed, and fine. Jordan always made it a rule not to come onto the male models—just keep it professional. But something about Eddy in these pictures was starting to make him feel like a rule breaker.

Before Jordan could reach down and start touching himself, into the office drifted the gorgeous new poster boy, Eddy. Jordan couldn’t help but stare at Eddy’s tall, lean frame. Tattoos generously covered various parts of his fit body. Fuck yeah, Eddy was definitely Jordan’s type.

After a few minutes of small talk, Jordan decided he was going to skip the formal interview altogether and just give him the job—if, that is, Eddy was willing to get naked, on his knees, and use that pretty mouth of his to swallow the executive’s hard-on!

Eddy, always a go-getter, agreed to that offer with practiced agility. Jordan yanked down his slacks and pushed his aching erection into Eddy’s hungry, wet mouth. The sleazy executive played around a little, popping his cock out and slapping the model across his face with it. Eddy loved it!.

Jordan commanded his little trick to rise and get ready to be fucked. Eddy responded immediately, clearly ready to do anything to be a top model. The tightness of this boy’s tunnel was almost too good to be true. Eddy was surely going to do well at the agency!

After a good, hard ass ramming, Jordan flipped Eddy onto his back and shoved his big cock back inside. Eddy cried out with surprise at the aggressiveness, but if he were being completely honest, he fucking loved that.

Eddy’s steel-hard rod started spurting voluminous shots of warm, creamy semen all over his own abs and chest. The sight of this was too much for Jordan to handle; he quickly pulled out and shot his massive load all over Eddy, as well.

Observing the model, glazed in both of their orgasms, Jordan thought two things. One, he had made the right hiring decision. Two, he had plenty of ideas for shots and poses for his new boy…

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