Special Sales Carnal+
Special Sales Carnal+
Special Sales Carnal+

Jordan Kiffeur and Jess Royan

September 08, 2022 | Full Length Video : 18min 2sec

A graffiti-covered, forgotten-about building site, somewhere in the French countryside. Jess Royan, a shaven-headed dude in sports gear stumbles upon Jordan Kiffeur, a horny scally boy who can’t wait to get down and dirty!

Jordan drops to his knees and instantly starts to suck Jess’ huge dick. These two pigs plainly love it rough and kinky. Within seconds, Jess is spitting on Jordan and Jordan is responding by squatting down and eagerly licking and kissing his new master’s sneakers.

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If you’re a foot-fetishist, you’re gonna love this film. These two dudes are well into sneakers. There’s plenty of sleazy sniffing, slurping, slapping and deep, sloppy sucking to keep your right hand more than busy!

Jess is hugely turned on by the encounter. He rapidly starts to lube up Jordan’s muscular ass before thrusting his dick deep into the scally boy’s clam-tight hole.

Jess bangs hard and fast, placing a sneaker over his nose and taking great long, addicted huffs. Watch out for the sexy tattoo on his lower torso and thigh, by the way…

Jess pulls out and Jordan returns to hungrily worshiping the top man’s sneakers. The deep subservience thrills Jess, who jerks his dick, then cracks one off all over Jordan’s back. A huge quantity of pent-up semen flies out of his rock hard rod. He kicks Jordan to the ground, spits in the scally boy’s direction and leaves the building site with considerably lighter balls!

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