January 23, 2020 | Full Length Video : 17min 32sec

Jordan could get his cock sucked anywhere. On the street, in a bedroom, at a bar, it doesn't matter… All that matters to the blond stud is getting his cock worshipped and his load out! Retreating into a backroom, Jordan pulls along his cocksucker, Nathan, to do his job and service his massive meat. Jordan wastes no time on pleasantries, getting out his thick member for Nathan to suck.

Nathan holds his mouth open as Jordan shoves his face down on his groin, choking his willing bottom with his impressive endowment and aggressively pushing it to the back of his throat. Nathan steals opportunities to catch his breath while lapping at his top’s full balls. Jordan leans back, basking in his dominance as Nathan continues to debase himself on his meat.

Jordan lets Nathan ...[Read more]

Jordan lets Nathan off the hook for a bit, relaxing after working closer and closer to orgasm. But Jordan only finishes one way; with an angry fuck into his bottom’s tight hole! Nathan will do whatever Jordan asks of him, all in the service of his sexy, hung master!

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