September 14, 2023 | Full Length Video : 20min 29sec

Kader Jawell can only really be described as a sportswear-loving aggressive slut with a giant dick. Dressed in sneakers and a tightly fitting Adidas tracksuit, he’s snuck into a darkened, dusty corner of a sex club and is touching himself up…

His prize this evening is sexy Matt Kennedy, who’s pumped-up, boned-up and ready to go. The two men tease each other from a distance, seductively revealing their solid dicks. They want each other, in fact, they need each other.

Matt nods subtly ...[Read more]

Matt nods subtly and Kader approaches. Moments later, Kader’s dripping 9-inch dick is deep inside Matt’s drooling mouth and the two men are groaning and gasping in a state of deep lust. Kader casually lights a cigarette and leans against the wall while Matt chokes on his upward-curving meat.

Both men plainly like it rough. Kader makes it clear that he’s there to dominate and, on this occasion, Matt’s more than happy to be submissive. He turns his attention to Kader’s stinking sneakers and sweaty socks, which he sniffs, kisses and licks with the passion of an addict. He knows it’s physically impossible to deep-throat Kader’s foot, but that doesn’t stop him from trying!

Kader throws Matt against the wall before slamming his dick into the cute sub’s tight hole. Kader rides Matt with a brutality which almost takes his breath away. Matt genuinely can’t believe how hard he’s being banged by this angel-faced assassin. He pushes his nose into Kader’s sneaker and takes long, deep gulps of the warm, damp air to regulate his breathing.

Kader pulls out and the two men jerk themselves frantically in a secret race to blow their loads which is won by Matt, who’s still spurting the sticky stuff when Kader’s dick explodes like a sensational cannon.

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