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July 28, 2022 | Full Length Video : 19min 34sec

We’re in the dark, damp basement of a sleazy club in Paris. Sexy, shaven-headed, scally boy Alex sits on a bench wearing sneakers and shiny track pants. He spots someone he likes and subtly begins to rub the bulge between his legs.

The object ...

The object of his interest is Kameron, a tall, blond, handsome guy who leans casually against a wall, watching Alex with lust in his eyes. He grabs his crotch and signals for Alex to follow him into a nearby cabin, which has a glory hole in one of its walls. Kameron unzips his flies, pulls out his dick and pushes it through the hole…

Alex appears in the neighboring cubicle and immediately drops to his knees, allowing his soft, rosy lips to glide seductively up and down Kameron’s stiffening shaft. Kameron then pushes the tip of his sneaker through the glory hole. Alex immediately starts to hungrily sniff, lick and suck it.

Keen to experience more of Alex’ nifty oral skills, Kameron walks into the next door cabin and feeds his dirty dick directly into the scally boy’s obedient mouth. Alex stands and pushes his pants down to expose his tempting peach-like ass, which Kameron aggressively spanks.

Kameron leads Alex over to a sling in the corner of the club before thrusting his giant cock deep into the boy and banging him at eye-wateringly brutal speeds. It’s an incredibly intense encounter. Alex pants and moans while jerking his dick. Kameron is utterly relentless with his pounding.

Kameron pulls out and sprays his huge, ripe load all over Alex’ thigh and butt cheek. Alex rapidly responds, with his own display of sexual excitement. The semen leaps from the head of his dick, forming a sticky lake of lust on his stomach.

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