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Kameron Frost and Bastian Lutty

March 16, 2023 | Full Length Video : 18min 25sec

Deep within a network of Parisian corridors lies a dark, sweaty, basement sex club. Blond hung hunk Kameron Frost stands in a cubicle, pleasuring himself, ready for hot passing trade. He doesn’t need to wait long—tattooed, dark-haired Bastian Lutty is on the prowl. He’s hard, horny and definitely up for it!

He enters Kameron’s lock up and the two men immediately start to make out. They swap spit, tongues, and passion. Bastian’s kisses move lower down Kameron’s body. He’s soon on his knees, his soft, hungry lips wrapped around Kameron’s rock hard shaft. The blond hunk thrusts his hard-on deep down into Bastian’s accommodating throat, finding a rhythm during the face-fuck that leaves them both gasping.

Kameron slowly ...More

Kameron slowly slides Bastian’s skinny jeans down to expose the dark-haired slut’s smooth, muscular, peach-like ass and its tight, twitching hole. Kameron smiles to himself—he’s found his prize, and it wasn’t too difficult to get this bottom to give it up.

Sexual stamina-king Kameron is soon deep in Bastian’s ass, thrusting his huge pole hard and fast in and out of the moaning bottom-boy’s trembling body. This blond top certainly knows how to wreck a hole. He brutally pistons in and out with almost no regard for the comfort of his new acquisition, like a sweating dog in heat.

When the sleazy blond top pulls out and jerks himself to finish, he gushes huge jets of semen onto his washboard stomach, pooling in his belly button and staining the black leather couch below him.

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