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Kameron Frost and Ben Coste

April 10, 2024 | Full Length Video : 17min 51sec

Kameron Frost is hot stuff. There’s no other word for him, really. Blond, handsome as all hell, and hung like a horse; this power top always gets what he wants. On this occasion what he wants is cute twink boy Ben Coste—who’s on his knees, sucking and slurping Kameron’s meat like a hungry whore. Kameron casually grabs the back of Ben’s head and thrusts deep into his throat until the inexperienced boy is gagging and choking.

Kameron climbs out of his pants and removes his shirt. Both guys are now completely naked. Kameron relaxes on the bed, encouraging Ben to continue to give him head while gently toying with the sexy boy’s spiky hair.

It’s time ...More

It’s time to take things to the next level. Before pushing Ben onto his knees Kameron, massages a little lube onto his dick, kneels behind, then sinks his giant member deep into the boy’s tight hole. Ben closes his eyes and attempts to stay calm as he is penetrated, but he sensation takes his breath away. Kameron immediately begins to bang him with some degree of speed and power, seemingly picking up the pace with every single thrust. His mission, it would seem, is to tear the smooth boy’s ass apart. Ben gasps and groans, unable to control his trembling, lithe body.

Ben can’t take it any more and has to admit defeat, begging Kameron to pull out. The sexy blond top obliges, a smile of pity forming on his face. Both guys then lie on the bed, frantically jerking their dicks. Kameron is first to blow—and does so with his usual impressive panache. Ben follows suit moments later, squirting his juices all over his tender stomach.

Director:Frank Romeo
Producer:Frank Romeo
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