December 29, 2022 | Full Length Video : 17min 49sec

Even in low light, chisel-jawed blond uncut stud Kameron Frost has everything a guy needs to turn heads. Late one night, when he goes out to play with himself outside a popular back-alley cruising spot, it's no surprise that he attracts attention. He catches eyes everywhere he goes—but it’s not every night he catches the eye of tattooed muscle-stud porn star Kryss Aston!

These two hunks need little communication beyond scent and stares. Just at the sight of the blonde euro-stud, Kryss immediately drops to his knees and sucks Kameron's cock. In the middle of the back-alley blowjob, Kameron rips away the muscle stud's black shirt and leads him into a more secluded hideaway. There, on a red leather bed, Kameron feeds the muscle bottom’s mouth every inch of his uncut cock, wearing Kryss’ jaw out with an unending series of deep-throated thrusts.

But Kameron isn't ...[Read more]

But Kameron isn't satisfied with just fucking Kryss' mouth—he wants his big beefy ass, too! After a good fingering with lube, Kameron sticks his dick in the tight hole and punishes it with slow, meticulous pumps until he finds a rhythm that satisfies them both.

When Kameron finally gives in to the urge to shoot his load, he pulls out and strokes off with Kryss. They Christen the red leather underneath them simultaneously with their seed, and Kameron, wobbly legged, walks away sweaty and satisfied. Kryss, though, remains on the sofa, and beckons to the next man ready to play. For this muscle bottom, his back-alley adventure is just getting started...

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