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August 18, 2022 | Full Length Video : 19min 30sec

Letho rushes up the stairs of an old apartment block in rural France. He’s a good-looking guy in his 20s with addictively twinkly eyes, cropped hair, and a face which suggests a hard life. He enters a grand apartment and is introduced to the handsome blond hunk inside. Kameron has been waiting expectantly, with his large dick hard and already out of his jeans.

Letho immediately sinks to his knees to service Kameron’s penile masterpiece with his soft, sexy lips. Kameron grabs the back of Letho’s head and forces his weapon deep into the horny boy’s slippery throat.

Kameron pulls Letho ...[Read more]

Kameron pulls Letho to his feet and they kiss lasciviously before moving to the stairs. Kameron thrusts his dick between the banisters and indicates for Letho to keep doing what he does best. The boy sucks hard, wrapping his lips tightly around the blond man’s shaft.

Letho strips naked but for a tight-fitting jockstrap and continues to give head while Kameron pushes his long fingers into the boy’s tight hole.

Within minutes, they’re on a bed with Kameron half-reclining while Letho squats on top of him, slowly lowering himself onto the blond man’s giant pole. Letho is soon riding Kameron like a thoroughbred, hungrily slamming himself up and down the top man’s dick with astonishing speed, force, and athleticism.

Kameron pushes the boy onto his back so that he can bang him on his own terms. He goes super hard - almost frenziedly - using his long, muscular legs to drive his groin deep into the boy, balls slapping noisily against his well-sculpted ass cheeks.

Kameron stands the boy up and bangs him from behind with all his might until he’s ready to blow. He pulls out and jerks himself to completion in an impressive display of virility.

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