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June 16, 2022 | Full Length Video : 17min 47sec

From a purely visual perspective, Kameron Frost and Picwik couldn’t be any more mismatched. Tall, blond Kameron is dressed in boxing gear; silky shorts, red boxing gloves while Picwik, who’s darker featured and more diminutive in stature, wears a natty suit and tie.

The two ...

The two men are in a messy garage. Kameron has set up a makeshift heavy bag out of cardboard boxes. There’s obviously a lot of pent-up anger in him today, as he’s slamming his fists into it with considerable force! Picwik is impressed. In fact, he’s somewhat turned on!

Picwik walks across to Kameron and pushes his shorts down, cheekily grabbing the taller man’s dick before dropping to his knees and getting it into his mouth. Kameron’s 9-inch mega-weapon is solid in seconds. Picwik’s a sexy guy who gives insanely good head. Kameron genuinely can’t remember when his dick was last serviced so expertly!

A well-suited man kneeling in front of a super-hung jock in boxing gloves is not a sight you see everyday, but it’s certainly one which gets the blood pumping! When the same suited man starts hungrily licking his protégé’s well-scuffed sneakers, an intoxicating power-dynamic is instantly established.

Kameron stands behind Picwik and encourages him to drop his pants, rapidly sinking his giant dick into the shorter man’s ass. They’re banging at top speed before either has the chance to take off any more clothes! There’s an air of carnal desperation about the encounter. Kameron nails his prey with the same aggression he demonstrated while throwing punches earlier.

Animalistic, full-tilt penetration like this can’t go on indefinitely and Kameron soon feels the semen rising uncontrollably in his balls. He pulls out just in time to watch Picwik spraying his dense load all over the concrete floor. Kameron’s own cumsplosion is the stuff of legend. He aims for Pikwik’s silk tie, but great, powerful arcs of spunk fly in all directions, dousing everything within a 3-foot radius!

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