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April 20, 2023 | Full Length Video : 19min 7sec

In a dark, parisian sauna, two athletic, well-defined men sit side-by-side in a wood-lined cabin. One blonde haired, one brunette, both rock hard just from being next to each other.

The dark-haired man, Rafael, squats and wordlessly sucks Kameron’s massive weapon. Rafael is a master craftsman when it comes to oral sex—the sound of the suction of his lips echoes throughout the steamy room. Blonde Kameron is soon moaning with riled lust, grabbing the back of Rafael’s head and thrusting his throbbing dick deep into the dark haired dude’s skull.

Rafael leans over ...[Read more]

Rafael leans over the bench. His long-limbed, well-sculpted body glistens in the low light. He presents his tight hole to Kameron, who instantly starts to finger him. The beauty of Rafael’s face and body have made him impatient, burdened, horny.

Kameron feels the heat of the brunette man's skin against his own as he goes knuckle deep inside Rafael’s hole. He trades one tool for another; soon, he’s soon brutally and repeatedly thrusting his beautiful rod deep into Rafael, who enters a blissful trance, barely able to comprehend quite the sensation and pleasure of the attack on his prostate.

Kameron’s hips push harder and faster. He repositions himself continually to get as deep as he can inside Rafael, eventually turning his dark-haired lover onto his back to bring the raunchy ride to a kinky climax. He suddenly stands up and squirts an abnormally huge load against the window of the sauna. It oozes down the pane, staining it with masculinity. There will be more of that before these two are through…

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