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September 29, 2022 | Full Length Video : 17min 9sec

Bare-chested French hotties Kameron and Stan have been eyeing each other all afternoon. Blond-beauty Kameron suggested that they hang out at his apartment and Stan was all for it. After a little flirtatious conversation, Kameron asks Stan if he would like to play with his dick. The super cute brunette didn’t need to be asked twice!

Stan delightedly reaches into Kameron’s skimpy red boxer briefs and pulls out an impressively large and thick cock. Stan readily strokes his sexy buddy’s hard dick and then eagerly begins to suck on it simultaneously.

Kameron’s excitement level ...[Read more]

Kameron’s excitement level ramps up as Stan’s cocksucking becomes more and more enthusiastic! The blond stud can’t help but take a hold of Stan’s head and gently start facefucking him, pushing his steel-hard, thick manhood deeper into his mouth. The gorgeous Parisian takes his friend’s cock as best he can, as the pulsating meat is quite thick indeed!

Kameron is extremely pleased with Stan’s desirous attention! Both boys hurriedly strip naked and lay back onto the couch. Stan’s eyes widen as he notices that Kameron’s hardon has grown even bigger! He can hardly wrap his hand around the impressive circumference of the stud’s thickness. However, Stan is undeterred and more turned on than ever!

Kameron instructs his cute-as-fuck boy-toy to get his sweet butt into position. Stan has been desperate for his friend to fuck him ever since he arrived, and his wish is about to come true! Kameron massages the boy’s ass and fingers his tender hole. He slides one and then two fingers in and out of Stan’s sweet entry and quickly deems it ready.

From behind and without warning, Kameron slams his full length into Stan’s hole. The young bottom takes it like a champ and revels in the passionate way in which he is being fucked! The electricity between the two studs is intense as Kameron’s pounding rhythm really starts getting harder and faster.

Now Stan wants to ride the massive cock and begins to straddle Kameron, letting the hot stud push up deep inside of his ass as far as it can go! Stan moans loudly in response and Kameron sighs and pants as he admires his fuck buddy’s fit, tight body.

Nearly breathless with erotic exhiliration, Stan is desperate to see Kameron cum. And the delicious, hot blond happily obliges! The boys reposition themselves on the couch and lie next to each other, excitedly watching one another pump their throbbing boy shafts.

Extremely turned on, Kameron reaches his powerful climax in no time and splashes his massive load all over his flat, tight belly. Stan immediately follows suit and splatters his boy-wad all over!

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