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February 10, 2022 | Full Length Video : 19min 8sec

We’re at The Eagle, an underground leather bar in Paris. It’s very quiet. Sexy barman, Yago, is calmly cleaning tables while the only customer, a handsome blond hunk called Kameron, stands at the bar reading.

Kameron’s had his eye on Yago for some time. His dick twitches every time he sees the barman’s tight butt. He follows Yago into one of the cellar rooms and moves in for a kiss.

Yago keenly reciprocates. ...[Read more]

Yago keenly reciprocates. It turns out he’s been into Kameron ever since he started coming to the bar. The two men kiss, lustfully, bodies locked, hands groping. Yago drops to his knees; he’s regularly checked out the huge bulge in Kameron’s jeans and is eager to get that giant dick in his mouth. He sucks like a true pro and Kameron is soon rock solid and horny beyond words.

Kameron sits on a leather bench. Yago strips naked and continues to hungrily deep-throat the hung, blond hunk. The two men kiss passionately again but Kameron is ready to move things to the next level, so pushes Yago onto his front and immediately rams his wet, 9-inch dick deep into the barman’s tight hole.

A shocked Yago bites his fist and tries to regulate his breathing as the anal onslaught kicks off. Kameron’s dick is truly monstrous and his thrusts are fast and relentlessly aggressive. Yago’s hole is soon gaping.

A change of position finds Yago sitting on Kameron’s lap as the blond hunk continues to thrust his prime meat deep into the barman’s belly. Yago is soon riding Kameron like an expensive stallion.

Kameron is ready to bust his nut and tosses Yago to his side so that he can blow a load onto his belly. This sexy blond is a renowned cummer and no one will be disappointed by today’s thick, creamy offering. It certainly does the trick for Yago who immediately stands and shoots his own giant load all over Kameron.