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May 26, 2022 | Full Length Video : 16min 47sec

Kameron had been waiting all day to get to the bathhouse. He loves getting his dick sucked, and the glory hole room is the perfect place for guys like him. It took forever for the workday to end, but when he was done he just had to take care of the ache in his pants!

Heading straight ...

Heading straight for the glory hole area, he’s a little surprised to see someone is already in there. Kevin is wearing just a towel and has the same goal as Kameron. Good thing there’s more than one glory hole there!

Through the hole, Kameron and Kevin can see one of their favorite cocksuckers is on his knees on the other side. No name for the deep-throater in a mask; everyone just calls him Boy.

Kameron sticks his rock-hard uncut cock through the hole - Boy loves sucking and is very good at what he does! Kevin sticks his veiny dick through as well. Smorgasbord for schlong suckers! Boy uses his hands to keep the one hard while he sucks on the other through the glory holes.

Kameron loves the sexy attention but has bigger plans for Boy. Lining his big dick up with Boy’s hole, he plunges deep and starts pounding. This is what he’s been waiting all day for! Kevin isn’t going to skip out on further throat action and slips his cock back into Boy’s mouth. Kameron’s pumps set the rhythm for this intense spit-roasting. Boy’s getting dick from both ends and loving it!

Kevin wants to take a turn at that hot hole so Kameron steps off and watches as Kevin spins Boy onto his back and slides into the well-used hole. Kameron’s got a little voyeur in him and this is better than he imagined! Kevin knows he’s being watched and that makes him fuck even harder! Boy is in bottom heaven and Kevin is hitting all the right spots!

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