June 09, 2022 | Full Length Video : 14min 18sec

Kevin Archer is everyone’s definition of success. Nice car, expensive suit, and he works in the best neighborhoods. With the exception of this one property. It’s a dilapidated old building, but in a really nice part of town.

There’s something about this old place that gets Kevin’s engine running, so he gets on the apps, hoping for a quick rendezvous with a hot bottom! He calls his clients to let them know he’s going to be a little late, but doesn’t say why.

Jimy Fix is ...[Read more]

Jimy Fix is the reason why. A hot, cute twink, the thought of fucking outdoors where anyone could catch him is a real turn on for him. When he gets to the building, Kevin already has his dick out through his clothes and is patiently stroking it. Jimy has a hot mouth so he swallows Kevin’s cock and deep throats him until he’s about ready to blow!

Kevin takes a turn sucking on Jimy’s uncut masterpiece, which gets both of them good and hard. Kevin pushes Jimy up against the crumbling rock wall and pushes his cock deep into Jimy’s horny hole. God, Jimy thinks, this is hot!

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