May 04, 2023 | Full Length Video : 19min 41sec

Slutty Clem Boy lies on a bed, showing off his lean body. The kinky sub is soon joined by exactly the sort of big-dicked top he’s been dreaming about—Kevin Sportwear is muscular and masculine, and more importantly, he demands to be serviced and satisfied immediately. Clem Boy obliges with great obedience, choking violently as he desperately deep-throats Kevin’s massive cock.

When the mood strikes him, Kevin throws Clem Boy down onto the bed and pushes a finger into the slutty sub’s tight, hungry hole. Kevin wants it, and he’s gonna have it! The muscle-dom lines up his big dick and bangs Clem Boy with brutal, animalistic force. Penetration doesn’t get more powerful and aggressive than this, and Clem Boy, as his eyes roll back into his head, can’t believe his luck.

There must be ...[Read more]

There must be something in the air, because even the cameraman wants a piece of the action! Ninos is every bit as sexy as Kevin, every bit as hung and remarkably similar in looks. He gets his dick out of his jeans and feeds it into Clem Boy’s mouth as Kevin continues to bang the bottom boy’s ass.

Kevin pulls out and Clem Boy starts sucking both dicks. The encounter rapidly becomes a sexy, sweaty, sleazy threesome. It’s almost impossible to keep tabs on who’s pleasuring who as the camera gets passed around about as often as Clem Boy’s slut mouth.

It turns out that Ninos can bang with the same degree of mercilessness as Kevin. It almost seems like they’re in competition with each other—but the real winner is Clem Boy, whose chest gets sprayed by two hot cum shots!

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