July 13, 2023 | Full Length Video : 20min 15sec

Kevin descends the stone staircase. Farm cellars don’t get dustier and more dilapidated than this one. He wouldn’t normally go down there, but he knows there’s a treat for him lurking somewhere in the half-lit empty corridors.

Illy emerges from the darkness. He’s cute and considerably shorter than Kevin. He’s a little nervous. He knows he’s meeting Kevin down there, and he knows what they’ll do together, but he’s scared someone will stumble upon them. Kevin reassures him: no one ever goes down into this cellar.

The reassurance comes ...[Read more]

The reassurance comes with a passionate kiss. Kevin pushes Illy onto his knees and thrusts his swollen dick into the younger man’s mouth. Illy’s nerves dissipate as he sucks Kevin’s rock-hard monster. Each thrust finds a way to put him more at ease, almost as if in a trance.

Kevin is naturally dominant; a quality that explains his confidence in the seclusion of the cellar. Before long, he's thrusting deep inside Illy’s tight throat, moaning and groaning in a frenzy of impassioned pleasure. Eventually, he needs more, though. He throws Illy against the wall then drops to his knees, rimming the young man’s cute bubble butt. Illy’s hole is left open and dripping with saliva.

Kevin stands and slowly pushes all nine inches of his beautiful dick deep into Illy’s hole. Before long, Kevin is banging the boy with hard strokes, grinning to himself like the cat that got the canary. Illy gasps uncontrollably as he feels the full extent of Kevin’s drive. Kevin penetrates him with the brutality and efficacy of a machine. Illy can’t hold on any longer. He starts to jerk himself, and swiftly splatters an unbelievably large load against the wooden panels of the cellar wall.

It’s a shame his seed was spilled, Illy thinks, because he needs more. He drops to his knees again and opens his mouth, desperate for an oral dose of Kevin’s cum. He gets his wish with an epic blast of the precious sticky stuff across, and into, his face. Had someone come in like Illy originally feared, he almost certainly in this sex-driven delirium wouldn’t have noticed.

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