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Kevin Sportwear and Tim Cosla

June 22, 2023 | Full Length Video : 21min 48sec

A sex club hides in the corners of a French city. Thumping techno bounces off red walls lined with the sweat of a thousand anonymous orgasms. Kevin Sportswear strides confidently through the corridors, muscles rippling under a tight T-shirt. He knows he’s gonna get some. There’s not a man in that club who isn’t gonna want him.

Like a hungry cheetah, Kevin hones in on his prey. Tim Cosla is cute, young and streetwise, but he’s nervous, probably a little inexperienced. He’s exactly what Kevin’s looking for.

They’re making ...More

They’re making out in the blink of an eye. Tim is instantly enthralled by Kevin’s dominance and good looks. He drops to his knees to service the God-like being in front of him. He sucks hard and deep, sending shivers of sexual anticipation through Kevin’s buffed body.

Tim is soon squatting in front of Kevin, licking every inch of his dom top’s sneakers with his long, probing, pierced tongue. Mere moments in the presence of a true man was all it took to transform the inexperienced boy into a sleazy, submissive slut who’ll do anything in the quest for sexual gratification. He’s soon on his back, jerking his dick while Kevin stands above him, casually feeding him: first his sweaty sneaker and then his hot, stinking socks.

Tim soon finds himself up in a sling with Kevin slamming into him repeatedly and with brutal force. Tim grits his teeth; this is one hell of an initiation. Eventually, Kevin replaces his fat dick with three fingers. With a little bit of careful training, this boy will learn to take a fist.

He’s a keeper, Kevin thinks.

Tim can’t hold on any longer and explodes an impressive load all over his stomach and chest. Moments later, Kevin’s dick shoots his cum straight into Tim’s salivating mouth. Tim is a little more experienced now. He likes the taste of submission and now he knows where to find it.

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