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December 07, 2023 | Full Length Video : 21min 8sec

What happens when three red-blooded, horny gay guys share a place on the outskirts of Paris? In short… a lot of sex!

Diego has ...

Diego has been up for it all day, but his roomie, Kevin, is watching TV and Mike, who spent much of the previous night with a random hookup, has already gone to bed. But this doesn’t stop Diego, who creeps into Mike’s room and finds him sleeping peacefully. Mike wakes up to find a dick in his face and, well, it would be pretty rude not to get his mouth wrapped around it. And boy does Mike give good head!

Kevin hears the groans and soon makes an appearance, pulling his giant dick out of his sweats and turning the encounter into a hot threesome. These guys just can’t leave each other alone.

They’re soon tangled, their giant swollen dicks and beautifully chiseled bodies sucking, kissing, grinding, gyrating, nibbling and tonguing with seriously lustful intent. Diego’s chunky dick is a particular draw with the other two and they’re gonna fight for the right to party with it.

In the end they opt for double penetration, with Diego and Kevin getting their big fat dicks inside Mike’s tight hole. Then Diego takes the solo reins and really lets Mike have it, using his dark, curved dick to bang him with beautiful aggression while Mike sucks Kevin hard.

Diego pulls out and instantly shoots his thick juices all over Mike’s back. Then it’s Kevin’s turn: he penetrates Mike with hard and fast strokes, thrusting with increasing energy and speed until he can’t hold it in any longer. He pulls out and sprays an impressive load all over himself.

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