February 02, 2023 | Full Length Video : 22min 29sec

We sat Kevin Sportwear down on the couch with a blindfold while he awaited his next fuck. Kevin, having no patience, had his dick in hand, stroking himself while imagining what his next hole will feel like.

Tony Renkins agreed to be that next hole. He slipped his tongue in Kevin's mouth. Kevin grinned as Renkins worked his tongue down Kevin’s smooth chest to his dirty sneakers. A man of particular perversion, Renkins even licked Kevin’s sneakers as his own cock started to harden in his sweatpants.

Renkins worked his ...[Read more]

Renkins worked his way back up to Kevin’s eager cock. He swirled his tongue around the tip of Kevin’s pre-cum dripping dong. The blindfolded top leaned back so Renkins could work his cock. Kevin was lost in anonymous ecstasy.

We finally gave him permission to take off the blindfold. Seeing the face of his cocksucker for the first time, Kevin became even more horned-up. He flung his shirt off to show his muscular build, to give his new bottom something nice to look at while he sucked cock.

Kevin, firmly in charge now, wanted to get a taste of his bottom's hard cock. He sat Renkins down on the couch and slobbered up precum from the tip of the cock, then took the whole length of the throbber down his throat.

Renkin’s sneaker fetish suddenly took a hold of him. He licked the rubber shoe sole; he needed the taste of the sweet sweat left behind on Kevin’s sock. The sight of these two built sexy men could turn anyone on, this did not exclude our cameraman, Tony Cisser, who found a place for his camera to settle while he worked his mouth on Renkins’ hard cock. Kevin now had two Tonys to play with!

Kevin couldn’t wait any longer. He bent Renkins over the railing to properly fuck that needy hole. Renkins shoved his face in Kevin’s sweaty shoe while that hard cock started slipping in and out. His muddled moans resounded in the shoe as he smelled the scent of Kevin’s sweaty foot. Eventually, Kevin pulled out, sat back down on a chair, and watched his bottom drink in the taste of his rubber sole. He jerked closer to orgasm. The sight of men debasing themselves for his pleasure was just too much—Kevin couldn’t keep it in any longer as his hot load sprayed everywhere on the black couch, marking the seat with ropes of his hot thick load.

Kevin took over the camera because he could see Tony Cisser needed release too! Cisser, still largely clothed, jerked himself off until he blew his hot load next to Renkins’ fully naked body.

Renkins joined them not long afterwards. His throbbing cock, so pleased to have had its prostate hit over and over again while he drowned in the scent of rubber soles, released its spray on the couch. Renkins was in pure ecstasy as the last of his load drained out of his thick cock. He contemplated whether he should start licking up the large pool of cum they had left behind, or wait for his next blindfolded top to please…

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