November 03, 2022 | Full Length Video : 18min 26sec

King Joker and King Bae are back! Shirtless and comfortable in this private hotel room, Joker asks some light questions about Bae’s experience before going down on his already semi-hard long cock.

While Joker works on his partner’s hardening cock, Bae starts to play with his ass. Joker’s throat starts gagging on Bae’s giant member. Not long after, they both give each other a look and know Joker is ready to take in his long wet cock.

Joker gets on ...[Read more]

Joker gets on all fours as Bae uses his tongue to prepare his partner’s hole for what he is about to do to it. Once he’s done feasting, Bae starts pushing his pulsating cock into Joker's wet hole. Joker moans in pleasure as he takes in the full length of his cock almost immediately. Bae pumping him against the pillow and Joker loving every inch of him inside.

They change positions so Bae can taste his tongue while he pumps he keeps pumping his cock inside him. Joker's face stuck in continuous pleasure as each inch goes in and out of his stretched hole.

He gets turned around as Bae prepares to shoot off his hot load, fucking him deeper and harder with every second. Joker gets one last kiss as Bae’s cock starts to pulsate within the walls of his hole, starting to shoot his load before he’s even outside of his hole. Thick cum covering the tip of his hard cock as he cockslaps Jokers ass while he still pulsates in his hand. In the afterglow Bae gives him one last cockslap until next time.

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