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February 24, 2022 | Full Length Video : 20min 59sec

A grimy, basement toilet in a European, hard-core sex club. A young man, wearing a balaclava, walks to the urinal to take a piss. He is watched intently by an older man who’s naked but for a jockstrap and a leather harness.

Balaclava Boy ...

Balaclava Boy instantly starts to stiffen, knowing he’s being watched and very much enjoying the attention. The guy in the harness turns to face the wall, smiling encouragingly at Balaclava Boy, inviting him to come and play.

Balaclava Boy walks across to him, his hard, cut dick pulled out of his jeans. He immediately starts to play with Harness Guy’s smooth, inviting ass. The older man responds by thrusting his butt cheeks towards Balaclava Boy and rubbing his ass seductively against the younger man’s hugely impressive dick.

Balaclava Boy lubes himself up with thick grease and pushes his meat deep into the older guy’s slutty hole. And then they’re banging… Balaclava Boy is a class act; he knows how to go hard and he slams Harness Guy both brutally and relentlessly. The older man loves every second of the sleazy ride.

Harness Guy gets on his knees and sucks the younger man like a total addict, desperate for that beautiful, rock hard dick. Moments later he’s on all fours on the floor, once again taking a powerful pasting from Balaclava Boy, who grits his teeth and gets stuck in with even more aggression than before.

Balaclava Boy pulls out and sits on a stool, encouraging Harness Guy to give him another sexy blast of head as he gets closer to climaxing. Harness jerks himself simultaneously and it’s a race to the finish line. The older guy is the first to cum, squirting his thick, ripe juices onto the floor. Balaclava Boy rapidly follows suit, busting a huge nut which bursts from his dick like a fountain.

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