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Special Sales Carnal+
March 20, 2024 | Full Length Video : 21min 26sec

Isaac Torrid is returning from soccer training and making his way through a deserted underground parking lot. A figure emerges from the shadows. Lyam Dylan, dressed in black, ambushes Isaac and aggressively pulls him into a darkened corner of the basement, throws him onto his knees and forces him to suck Lyam’s huge dick. Isaac initially resists, but is soon overcome.

Within minutes ...

Within minutes he’s deep-throating Lyam like a hungry whore, choking and gagging while great globules of spit are fired into his face. Lyam arrogantly lights a cigarette and smokes it while Isaac continues to give him exceptional head.

Lyam slaps Isaac’s face and violently throws him against the trunk of a nearby car before roughly pulling down his sweatpants and exposing his new conquest’s peachy ass. Lyam soon has his giant dick inside Isaac’s hole and is banging him with extraordinary energy, swearing and shouting insults at the gasping athlete.

Lyam pulls out and frantically jerks himself into Isaac’s face, exploding impressively all over his beard. Isaac stands and finishes himself off. His thick semen flies onto the trunk of the car. It leaves a creamy mess all over the metallic surface which Lyam is immediately forced to lick up.

Director: Frank Romeo
Producer: Frank Romeo
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