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Special Sales Carnal+

Lyam Dylan and Matt Kennedy

August 24, 2023 | Full Length Video : 19min 52sec

Lyam and Matt are exploring the damp, dark cellars of a farmhouse in Northern France. There’s something about the atmosphere down there which makes them horny, and, within minutes, they’re all over each other, kissing passionately, aggressively feeling each other up, suddenly desperate to bang each other’s brains out.

Matt drops to his knees and wraps his hungry lips around Lyam’s enormous dick, which triples in size the moment it’s given attention. Matt gives the most amazing head during most hookups, but feels a profound need to do so here, in particular. It’s just respectful in the presence of such a surprising grower like Lyam’s cock.

Lyam pulls ...More

Lyam pulls Matt to his feet and throws him against the wall. Matt pants as Lyam frantically fingers his ass, his eyes rolling back. Both men are terrified of being discovered, but they’re way too aroused to stop. They want each other badly, and Lyam is a man that gets what he wants, when he wants.

Matt bites his lip and tries to remain as quiet as he can. Their friends are all upstairs and no one can know what’s going on down here. Seconds later, Lyam has his dick deep in Matt, who pants and gasps as silently as any man can whose hole is being brutally destroyed by an enormous piece of meat. Lyam is eventually forced to put his hand over Matt’s mouth to stop him from screaming.

The ordeal seems endless. Lyam has extraordinary stamina and skewers Matt’s ass with relentless force. Lyam eventually pulls out and immediately fires a thick load of cum against the wall. It slowly drips down the wooden panels as Matt reaches his climax, exploding an equally impressive load a few feet away.

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