September 28, 2023 | Full Length Video : 20min 3sec

They find themselves in a dark, dusty cellar in Northern France. Lanky-legged Lyam plays with a chain, wearing sportswear and stinky sneakers. This hung top dude is horny and needs his dick serviced ASAP. Fortunately, he doesn’t need to wait long: he’s the boss in these parts, and a willing sub soon arrives in the shape of cute boy Tim who, luck would have it, is also massively into sports gear.

Tim drops to his knees, hungrily sucking Lyam’s 10-inch rod, taking it deep into his throat while his new master slaps Tim’s face and crudely spits all over him, telling him what a dirty, worthless slut he is. Tim can’t get enough of the torrent of phlegm and insults. He wants more. More, more, more.

The guys have ...[Read more]

The guys have discovered a mutual love of feet, and their encounter soon becomes peppered with sniffing, toe-sucking, and sleazy tongue-on-leather action.

Lyam rapidly has his huge meat deep inside the sub boy. He bangs like an angry bastard; hard, fast, and with no regard for Tim’s comfort. Not that Tim would want it any other way, of course. The cellar is soon nothing but a sweat-pit, echoing with the addictive sound of lustful, manly groans and grunts.

When the time finally arrives, both men explode violently, spraying vast quantities of watery jizz all over a nearby table top. Only one question remains; which lucky guy gets to lick all that up? If Lyam has his way, and he always does, it’ll probably be Tim…

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