March 23, 2023 | Full Length Video : 19min 39sec

Marii Millz really just needs a new couch, and he didn't think the asking price at this garage sale would be too high. When Mack Daddy flashes a silver grin at him and tells the cute, diamond-earring wearing bottom just what it'd cost him, Marii's expression wasn't shock or fear, but surprise—surprise that it would be that easy!

Marii sits back on the couch and buries his head between Daddy's legs, sucking hard and fast. His tongue works magic as he licks, slurps and sucks the long length. And Mack Daddy was indeed lengthy—most tricks that slobber on his dick gag and struggle to take him to the hilt.

When Marii swallows ...[Read more]

When Marii swallows it down so effortlessly, he realizes that he should have, perhaps, asked for something a bit more difficult than a blow job. He didn't know Marii was good like that, you know?

Luckily for Mack Daddy, Marii was down to negotiate. Daddy has his new bubble-butt bottom-boy lean over a nearby mini-fridge. He sits down behind his new toy and indulges, rimming his hole and giving some light, playful slaps to his beautiful ebony cheeks. Then, he stands up, aims his long cock, and pushes up against Marii's tight little asshole.

Since it's wet from all of the spit and pre-cum, it's slick enough for Mack Daddy to ease inside without much difficulty. Mack Daddy slowly humps in and out, his long cock a battering ram against Marii's prostate. The bottom boy writhes and moans as he's plowed over and over again in Mack Daddy's steady, sensual rhythm. Marii's body is sweaty, his breath is ragged, and he's barely able to keep himself upright anymore.

But that's okay—Mack Daddy sees that he's really wearing out his new bottom, and knows how to make accommodations. Marii just needs a place to sit, right? Mack Daddy sits back on the couch and pulls Marii with him, skewering him on his pole. The couch has lost any importance to either of them now, it's just an object for these two to fuck and cum on. Mack Daddy bounces his boy up and down, watching the lights of his eyes flicker with the mind-blowing pleasure only Mack Daddy's long dick is capable of giving…

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