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January 28, 2022 | Full Length Video : 15min 31sec

If you do a good job working for Mack Daddy, he'll reward you with nearly 10 inches of beautiful black cock. That's the sort of prize that motivates Unlimited Creamz to do just about anything! This handsome prince with a tight fade doesn't need to be told twice to get down on his knees for Mack Daddy—but he loves to hear the big dicked top talk dirty to him anyways.

When Mack ...

When Mack Daddy's huge monster cock finally makes its way into the eager bottom boy's hungry throat, Unlimited Creamz can barely keep up. His jaw aches from trying to take all that dick, while he tries desperately not to gag.

But as sweet of a delicacy as Mack Daddy's long cock is, he's not content on just feeding others. He swaps positions with his bubble butt coworker, bending Creamz over the bench and spreading his cheeks. He plunges his tongue in and licks out Creamz's asshole, intoxicating himself on his buddy's spicy taste and scent. Creamz moans as Mack Daddy eats him out, spanks him, and spits in his hole. The once masculine bottom is reduced to biting his lip, and whining for his daddy to take him.

The words "Yes, Daddy!" would spiral out of Unlimited Creamz's lips as he's railed by Mack Daddy's huge monster for the next several minutes. Mack doesn't just fuck this whimpering boy, he owns him—spanking, choking, slapping, and verbally degrading him, before turning him onto his back and face-fucking him. Unlimited Creamz's name is appropriate, in this instance, then—when Mack Daddy's ready to finish, he places his new boy-toy on all fours and pounds him away until he shoots so much cum inside him that it spills out like a waterfall.

Afterward, Unlimited Creamz lies there exhausted, sore, and covered in sweat and cum. It feels good to have been fucked so well—but he'll need some time to recover before he can take on that monster cock again.

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