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July 13, 2023 | Full Length Video : 25min 35sec

Not everything’s gotta be so serious. Even iconic porn producer Edward James knows this, and so do the beautiful black men he films here: Marcus Cooper and Phoenix. These two show up for their film shoot, and in a rare and endearing behind the scenes look inside a porn studio, there’s no script! There’s no roles, there’s no scenario!

All there ...

All there are two guys, who got high, looking to have a good time. For the lens of Edward James, that’s just what they do—after an intimate and wistful recollection of how they even got into porn in the first place, vers-tops Marcus Cooper and Phoenix trade blowjobs in an effort to see who will buckle—and bottom—first.

It looks like it's blonde-loc'd Phoenix that gives in first, and after a few moments of riding on the older man's lap, he finds himself bouncing up and down in Marcus's lap, with a big black cock filling him up inside. These two find a rhythm so intense and passionate that, for a moment, Marcus is fucking Phoenix hands free, the only movement from either of them is from their sweaty hips.

But when the dick is good enough, anyone can be swayed—even a top like Marcus, who swears he's more top than versatile, can't help but bend over the couch for Phoenix! All those complaints about bottoming fly out the window as Marcus folds up and gets his brains fucked out. Fans of versatile fuck-fests won't want to miss these two men get real with each other!

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