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Special Sales Carnal+
Special Sales Carnal+
December 22, 2022 | Full Length Video : 20min 59sec

Matt is a good looking masseur in his early 20s. He’s been booked by Byron, who’s been having problems with his right leg ever since injuring himself in a soccer match.

Matt decides ...

Matt decides to treat Byron on the couch in his client’s messy apartment. Byron greets him, shirtless. He clearly takes very good care of himself. Matt finds himself instantly and professionally distracted by Byron’s beautifully-toned torso.

Matt’s hands are soft and sensuous. As he pushes Byron’s shiny shorts further up his muscular thighs, Byron’s body responds with tingling pleasure. The jock’s dick inevitably springs to life, tenting in his shorts.

Matt tries to fight the urge, but his hands are uncontrollably drawn towards Byron’s enormous bulge. Within seconds, both men are all over each other, groping, grasping, grabbing and kissing passionately.

Matt eagerly pulls Byron’s dick out of his shorts and starts to give this client a most incredible blowjob. The jock, hungry, returns the favor, and the two horny men end up in a sixty-nine, giving and receiving wet, mind-blowing pleasure.

Matt squats and presents his meaty ass to the jock, who eagerly takes his hole. He slides his long, hard dick deep inside Matt’s body, grits his teeth, and pounds Matt with increasing aggression until he doesn’t know if he’s gasping for mercy or gasping for more!

Matt rides Byron’s lap like a jockey, bouncing his body down onto his client’s thick dick. As he does so, Matt grabs his own dick and starts to jerk until messily exploding all over Byron’s washboard abs.

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