July 06, 2023 | Full Length Video : 19min 12sec

It’s a quiet night in the club and barman Matt resents being forced to do this shift. He’d far rather be out drinking with his friends. It’s almost closing time and the place is entirely empty.

He’s about to start locking up when Kamzouz walks into the bar area and casually sits down. Matt’s interest is immediately piqued; this stranger is smoldering in his expensive suit and tie. And, in the legs of his suit pants, Matt can see a burgeoning hard-on! Kamzouz’s lingering glances give away his attraction to the barman, who’s also dapper in his bow tie and tightly-fitting waistcoat.

These well dressed ...[Read more]

These well dressed men flirt, and it doesn’t seem like drinks are on either of their minds. Matt saunters out of a side door and shoots Kamzouz a loaded look, indicating that he should follow.

After a short walk through red lit hallways, they come to a dark room at the back of the club. They’re all over each other within seconds, kissing and groping with lust far more intoxicating than what the bar had to offer.

Matt is soon sucking Kamzouz’s beautiful dick which instantly doubles in size when Matt’s soft lips start running up and down its shaft. Many liquids have passed through this bartender’s lips—he knows what to do with his tongue, and Kamzouz is soon in heaven.

Kamzouz eventually throws Matt onto a bench, unzips his pants, and starts to bang the waiter with vigorous force. Matt gasps and pants in a state of immense pleasure and bites down on his bow tie as his hole is exquisitely torn apart. These men are still mostly dressed, yet they rut each other ragged.

Kamzouz pulls out and both men lie next to each other on the bench, jerking themselves ferociously. Matt is the first to blow an impressive load, rapidly followed by Kamzouz, who sprays a heavy blast of thick cum all over his muscular thighs. This isn’t the tip Matt normally gets while working. Still, he’s happy he worked this shift.

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