January 13, 2022 | Full Length Video : 21min 18sec

A glitzy health club in Central Paris. Two, hung, naked euro studs make out on the edge of a small, dimly-lit, indoor swimming pool. Matt and Malik kiss aggressively, hungrily grasping each other’s rock solid mega-dicks.

Matt soon has his lips wrapped around Malik’s extra-thick shaft. Malik responds, grabbing Matt’s hair and thrusting his juicy dick deep into his partner’s throat.

Matt stands on ...[Read more]

Matt stands on a bench and encourages Malik to suck his meat before the two men switch places and an absolute frenzy of deep-throating begins.

Malik turns around so that Matt can get his rough, wet tongue lodged right up inside his hole. Again, these two versatile guys swap places so that the highly horny Malik can return the sleazy gesture, his legs and feet now dangling into the pool itself.

Matt leans against a lounger, sweating, panting, and gasping as Malik mercilessly slams every inch of his chunky meat deep inside him. Malik smirks wickedly, taking great delight in the royal pounding he’s giving a now-screaming Matt.

It’s pay-back time and the two men switch places again so that Matt can show Malik how fast and hard he can top a guy. And boy does he go fast and hard!

They stand and jerk themselves off into a large, wall-mounted mirror. Malik is the first to shoot, spraying a giant load which seductively drips down the glass. Seconds later Matt’s dick explodes and a canon of cream cascades from its giant head. Now who’s gonna clean that filthy mirror up?

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