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Special Sales Carnal+
April 07, 2022 | Full Length Video : 19min 27sec

If you like sneakers, you’re gonna love this film!

Two chavvy Euro-studs make out in a ruined barn. Both wear shiny sports gear. They wrap their legs around each other, kissing hungrily and dirtily before the younger of the pair, Miguel, sits on a ledge and starts to suck the other guy, Juan, with desperation. Juan grits his teeth, grabs the back of Miguel’s head and lustfully plunges his solid, eight-inch rod deep in and out of the younger man’s hungry throat.

The two horny ...[Read more]

The two horny guys switch places. Juan squats down and pleasures Miguel’s stunning dick with his wet lips, tongue, fist and throat. The two men lock eyes, an erotic fire burns in their bellies. They want each other. They need each other.

Juan stands and aggressively pushes Miguel towards the wall. The younger man presents his beautifully-sculpted ass to his new master, who wets his finger and starts to push it deep into the boy’s tight, expectant hole.

Moments later, Juan is nut deep inside Juan, thrusting mercilessly like a feral dog in heat, track pants slipped down just enough to expose his dirty dick. He slams the slut real hard, gritting his teeth while delivering brutal, erratic strokes which make the sleazy boy gasp and yell.

Juan pulls out and allows his uncut dick to explode majestically all over one of Miguel’s sneakers. Semen flies in all directions. Miguel rapidly follows suit, spraying a thick load which melds with Juan’s cum, soaking the sneaker with delicious, ripe spunk.

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