Special Sales Carnal+
Special Sales Carnal+
Special Sales Carnal+

Mike Tiger and Jean Franko

April 17, 2024 | Full Length Video : 17min 0sec

Mike Tiger and Jean Franko are hanging out in a hot, gay sauna, wearing nothing but towels. The Euro beat is pumping, the disco lights are flashing, the place reeks of poppers and sweat. These two handsome men have been giving each other the eye for some time and have finally decided to seal the deal.

Mike is on his knees within seconds. He pulls down Jean’s towel and starts to suck hard on his giant, foreskin-heavy dick. Jean immediately begins to groan ecstatically. His hairy dick has been rock-hard for hours and it’s responding incredibly well to the attention. Besides, Mike’s an expert dick-sucker.

Mike stands ...More

Mike stands and starts to suck and gnaw on Jean’s bullet-like nipples, sending Jean completely over the edge. He impatiently throws Mike onto the bed and lubes him up before thrusting his giant dick deep into the bottom dude’s guts. This Latin lover knows how to fuck real hard and with almost no mercy. He runs his hand through his mop of curly black hair and goes at his task like a subway train bursting into a station. Mike groans; a mixture of deep pleasure and disbelief.

The penetration is relentless. Jean’s balls and thighs crack noisily against Mike’s muscular ass cheeks. Text-book ass destruction.

Jean eventually pulls out and feeds his hot meat back into Mike’s eager mouth. Jean cums hard. His dick explodes with jets of red hot semen which hit Mike’s ear and drip down his back.

Director:Frank Romeo
Producer:Frank Romeo
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