Special Sales Carnal+
Special Sales Carnal+
Special Sales Carnal+

Mike Tiger and Kamel

Starring Kamel and Mike Tiger
May 01, 2024 | Full Length Video : 20min 16sec

An abandoned building sits on the outskirts of Bordeaux. Concrete walls are daubed in graffiti. Grass and moss cling to the floor. Kamel is trespassing. He doesn’t care. He leans against a wall and lights a cigarette, rubbing his crotch expectantly. He pulls his dick out and gently massages it.

It soon becomes apparent that Kamel is not alone. Mike has been watching him and he likes Kamel a lot. He’s seen him breaking into the complex and has followed him in the hope that it might lead to some alfresco sex. Mike walks towards Kamel who makes no attempt to hide his hard dick, or, for that matter, to extinguish his cigarette. They exchange a few flirty comments and are soon feeling each other up.

Mike squats ...More

Mike squats and starts to suck Kamel off. Kamel is soon groaning, his eight-inch dick enjoying every second of the attention it’s getting. Both men are getting off on the risk of being caught. Mike stands and walks to the wall opposite, pulling down his pants and enticingly posing with his back arched and his peachy ass sticking out, ready for penetration. Kamel watches and wanks for a moment before moving across to fondle Mike’s inviting ass cheeks before casually pushing his dick into him.

Kamel bangs Mike with deep, long, relentless strokes, which increase with speed and power as the encounter progresses. Mike gasps and enters a deep, erotic trance, entirely overwhelmed by the extreme pleasure he’s experiencing. Kamel pulls out and the two men stand side-by-side jerking their impressive dicks. They both shoot huge loads, spraying semen in all directions.

Director:Frank Romeo
Producer:Frank Romeo
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