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Special Sales Carnal+
Special Sales Carnal+

Mike Tiger and Tony Axel

April 03, 2024 | Full Length Video : 20min 53sec

Handsome hunk Mike Tiger is taking a much-needed shower after a busy and stressful day. He lathers himself up. The soap suds cling to his well-chiseled body. He likes how they feel.

Roomie Tony Axel passes the bathroom and peers in from the landing. He likes the view. He likes it a lot. He’s always had a secret crush on Mike and figures that tonight’s as good a night as any to come clean.

Tony boldly ...More

Tony boldly walks into the bathroom and casually removes all his clothes. It’s impossible to know which of the two men has the better body: both are meticulously sculpted and shredded. It turns out that Tony is also hung like a donkey. Mike is a little surprised by Tony’s striptease act, but shock instantly gives way to excitement. He smiles lustfully.

Tony is now rock hard. He steps into the shower cubicle and stands behind Mike, groping his smooth, muscular ass while Tony’s huge dick teases and tantalizes his roomie. Mike squats and gives Tony what is clearly one of the best blow jobs he’s ever received. Tony grunts and groans in a state of intense pleasure as Mike hungrily deepthroats him, sucking long and hard.

Mike stands and the two men embrace passionately, exchanging deep, wet, erotic kisses. Tony can’t hold off any longer and throws Mike against the wall, sinking his incredible penis deep into his roomie’s beautiful hole. Tony immediately begins to thrust and is pretty rapidly going full-steam, banging the panting Mike with extraordinary speed. Tony turns the shower on and continues to penetrate Mike like a dog in heat while jets of steaming water fly in all directions. Tony pulls out and the two men jerk frenziedly, shooting their thick, impressive loads almost simultaneously.

Director:Frank Romeo
Producer:Frank Romeo
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