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Phoenix and Unlimited Creamz

September 21, 2023 | Full Length Video : 16min 31sec

Inked up studs Phoenix and Unlimited Creamz flirt heavily as they walk down the stairs. Creamz offers to blow Phoenix right then and there, and, no surprise, Phoenix does not hesitate to lift up his white tee-shirt, undo his belt and zipper, and pull out his already-stiff dick for his friend to suck.

Creamz gets right to work and expertly swallows that big melanated cock, working it in and out of his mouth and throat like a pro. Phoenix strips the rest of the way, right there in the open stairwell, while Creamz removes his overalls.

Phoenix has ...More

Phoenix has Creamz bend over and hold onto the railing as he dives in to tongue-fuck that beautiful ebony ass, lubing up the hole with his spit. Phoenix stands back up and positions the head of his cock to slide into Creamz’s hungry hole raw. He pounds him in this position for a bit, opening him up before having Creamz bounce up and down on it.

Creamz can’t help but grunt and moan in sheer ecstasy as his bro’s cock continues the impaling. Phoenix can feel his nut begin to build and realizes it’s time for one last change of position before he blows. Creamz gets on all fours, splaying his body down across several steps while Phoenix positions himself behind and plunges his dick back in, delivering long deep thrusts as his balls tighten. Phoenix blows multiple strings of cum all over Creamz’s appropriately creamy open hole.

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