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January 28, 2022 | Full Length Video : 15min 25sec

After climbing the long flight of stairs, movers Phoenix and Slicc let out a collective sigh. In front of them, yet another room of clutter. The place was filled with old boxes, furniture, books, clothes...and it all had to be moved somehow. It looked like this job would never end!

An attempt was made, at least. Phoenix and Slicc are by no means weak, but they were sweaty, worn—descriptions of which could be applied to their ragged jeans and ribbed T's, as much as applied to their toned, strained muscles. They'd been lifting heavy objects since before dawn, when the sun came up over the city, and now it was after sundown. Their arms ached, and so did their legs; they felt sore everywhere except for where they wanted to feel most, down below.

"I need some ...[Read more]

"I need some motivation to get moving," Phoenix said with a sly smirk. He laid his body down across the stairwell, effectively blocking Slicc from climbing back towards their job.

And though he protested briefly, there was never a chance Slicc was going to march past Phoenix. Why would he? Dark-skinned Phoenix was a beautiful man, filled with sly confidence, and equipped with...

Belt buckles rattled, jeans slid down.

...There it is. Equipped with a big, black dick of length and girth most men on Earth would trade for. No matter how much Slicc wanted to finish the job in front of them, Phoenix's cock was a far more powerful negotiating tool.

Slicc drops to his knees and buries his head into Phoneix's lap, sucking up the bearded top's length into his mouth. His tongue licks around the underside of the shaft until he gets to the tip. Phoneix's eyes lid as he melts into Slicc's slick mouth—there were more than a few reasons he appreciated his co-worker's work ethic.

Riled up, Phoenix stands up, and orders his bubble butt coworker to lean against the wall. He presses his hard cock against the base of Slicc's hole, then pushes in. He gives a few playful slaps to Slicc's cheeks, before finding a slow, long rhythm with his hips. He fucks with careful, controlled power.

Phoenix flips Slicc over on the stairs, mounting his moaning bottom. He balances himself on the stairs as he drills into Slicc. Each thrust hits deep inside of his coworker's bottom, who whimpers beneath Phoenix with lost pleasure. Phoenix pistons in and out, his grunts deep, his balls slapping against Slicc's thick cheeks, until finally, he feels his orgasm drain into the booty below. His hips slow, and eventually, he pulls out, breathing heavily as he wipes his cock clean on Slicc's hole.

And then, nonchalantly, he rises, and makes his coworker rise with him as if nothing happened. After all, they need to get back to work...

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