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April 28, 2022 | Full Length Video : 19min 3sec

A derelict, graffiti-covered barn on the outskirts of a French village. Picwik leans against a wall, waiting expectantly. This sandy-haired, tattooed Euro-dude is feeling horny and up for some seriously raunchy sex with the guy waiting in the next door room.

Foutrator’s face is covered in a sinister bandana, like a super-villain in a comic book. No one can know what he looks like.

He walks slowly ...[Read more]

He walks slowly - but with intent - towards Picwik before pulling his dick out of his army cargo pants and unzipping his leather jacket to reveal a darkly-tanned, stunningly-chiseled torso. Picwik obligingly drops to his knees and enthusiastically services Foutrator’s solid, bulging dick, which instantly swells into a dangerous nine-inch weapon. Picwik is certainly a diligent sucker. Foutrator throws his head back and lets out a sigh of complete satisfaction.

Foutrator pulls Picwik to his feet and pushes him against the wall before lining up his greased-up meat with the sub’s hole and sliding it inside. Picwik gasps and grits his teeth with a mixture of discomfort and pleasure as he feels Foutrator’s huge iron rod penetrating his guts.

Moments later, Foutrator tilts his pelvis and begins to thrust in and out of Picwik’s ass with exciting force and aggression. Within minutes, he’s callously slamming his meat into the groaning bottom.

Picwik drops to the ground to suck the hell out of Foutrator’s juicy dick until the top man explodes a cannon of jizz all over his face. Picwik then stands and jerks himself to completion, spraying his pent-up love-juice all over the wall and floor.

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