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Special Sales Carnal+
Special Sales Carnal+

Picwik and Kevin Sportwear

June 29, 2023 | Full Length Video : 20min 44sec

Kevin and Picwik have hooked up at a sleazy sex club in Southern France. The music is pumping, they’re feeling sweaty and horny, and they’re wearing sneakers and shiny sports gear. That's how they both like it—raw, athletic, and depraved.

They get down and dirty real quick. If you’re as into sweaty, damp sneakers as these pervy Euro dudes are, satisfaction is guaranteed. Kevin is in a contest with himself to discover new ways, and locations, a sneaker can be used to get a slutty, kinky guy like Picwik revved up. Picwik finds himself sniffing, sucking, snogging, slurping and spitting onto the leather.

These sluts ...More

These sluts have serious stamina. After abusing and humiliating his willing sub, Kevin eventually gets the upper hand and sinks his thick, long dick into Picwik’s well-used ass. He bangs hard and fast while Picwik holds a sneaker to his nose and sucks long, deep gulps of rubbery, stale-smelling air into his lungs. The two men gasp, groan, and grunt as tattooed Kevin shreds Picwik’s hole and thrusts closer and closer to orgasm.

They, like the sneakers they intend to defile, have become unraveled. Picwik's eyes roll back. They both shoot giant pent-up loads onto and into well-worn footwear. They were always going to, and with Kevin Sportswear in firm control, they'll do it again, too.

When your fetish is that intense, it would be foolish to cum anywhere else—and do anything other than what your dom wants you to do.

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